Creating a Conscious Classroom

Bringing the Joy back to your teaching

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Kia Ora Beautiful Teachers,

I’m so happy that you are here... I have some questions for you…

Are you the teacher you so desire to be?

Does your classroom reflect your values ?

Is your classroom calm and focused?

Do you understand your students needs?

My guess is that you might say “some of the time” but what if you could say yes, thats my classroom… imagine having this as your everyday reality

I’m Kylie Johnston, Parent and Teacher Coach, Founder of Heart Centred Parenting + Teaching, developer of the Creating a Conscious Classroom Programme, the Creating a Conscious School Programme, the Creating a Conscious Family Programme and One on One Coach.

I help teachers to connect deeply with their students, how to bring out the best in them and become the teacher you so desire to be - allowing you to experience an amazing transformation to a calm and happy classroom.

I want to help you get clear on what your classroom would look like if you:

Knew and understood who your students really are on a deep level…

Rekindled the passion in your teaching, allowing you to bring out the best in your students…

If you could live out your own goals and dreams within your teaching

If your classroom could be aligned with your values

If you could create the classroom you want despite the extra expectations on you

if there could be time for fun and silliness in your class

If you had laughter sprinkled in to make coming to school a real joy and a place you look forward to coming to each day.

Let me ask

Do you ever get frustrated with the noise level in your classroom?

Is it sometimes difficult to get the attention and cooperation of your students?

Is there enough time in the day to fit in all that you have to do, let alone what you are wanting to do?

How often do you ever feel overloaded with so much to do?

Now i want you to think about:

Whether you feel like there is enough time to meet the expectations and requirements placed upon you?

Do you ever feel it is difficult to get parents fully on board with what their child really needs?

Are you able to focus on the areas of passion you have as a teacher?

Or are you only able to focus on the have to do’s?

Are you able to bring the values you hold dear into the classroom and your own sense of creativity?

Are you able to grow as a teacher?

How will you make your classroom an environment that you and your students love coming to each day?

WHAT ARE YOU NO LONGER willing to accept in your role as a teacher?


What do you really want out of your teaching?…

How do you want to feel at the end of each day? Each week? Each term?

This is your time NOW to launch yourself into a brand-new feel to your classroom and begin to…

Be happier and have happier students too

Be able to recognise what’s important to get done and what you can let go of

See things from your students point of view

remain calm during frustrating behaviour, creating a transformation in the teacher/student relationship

Have a fun classroom environment, that everyone loves coming to each day.

Be able to leave work at work, and focus on your life outside of school

Lose the guilt about not finishing things off

Feel more organised and implement the things in your classroom that are aligned with your values.

Lose it at your loved ones less often, become more mindful and aware of the motions and needs that lead up to the ‘lose it’ moments.

Learn an array of skills that can transfer into all areas of your life not just teaching.

It can feel like such challenge to move from where you are today - to the extraordinary classroom you envisioned.

But trust me when I say that it is worth the journey.

Like my client Fiona experienced...

When we first met she was a happy teacher, who loved teaching, however she felt like there was something missing, there was a level of joy she hadn’t quite reached yet… she felt like she didn’t really know her students, there were days when the kids were distracted or tired, and the noise level could become too much.

She also felt like she was underpaid for the level of expectations and requirements placed upon her, she was often finding it difficult to get parents fully on board with what their child really needed.

After taking her through the Creating a Conscious Classroom Programme, she was able to find her peace, her classroom became a really fun place to be, people now say they can feel the great energy as soon as they walk in. and at the end of each day she feels amazingly satisfied.

She has a deeper understanding of her students and new ideas to understand them better, ideas that are powerful and effective for both teacher and her students.

Suddenly children who were once seen as disruptive or displaying challenging behaviours are now kids of interest and curiosity to her.

In making herself a priority, she is now better able to give herself more fully to others.

This, in turn, has helped her to focus on all of the things she loves about the job and tune in to the most joyful and rewarding parts of it.

You can have this too!

And I’m here to walk that path with you.

Know that you are not alone … that as you make the decision to take action, to become aware…

I will be there to guide you in each moment and give you each step.

The classroom you truly desire is there. It’s waiting for you once you have the right tools and techniques.

It's lovely to dream about your ideal classroom, to wish for it, to talk about your ideal classroom.

But you have to start somewhere, you have to take action to deliberately create your ideal classroom, that's right there waiting for you.

I’ve developed a truly transformational programme - It’s called “Creating a Conscious Classroom” and it takes you on a journey of self awareness ... leading you towards consciousness in as little as 5 sessions, helping you to create a positive change in your classroom.

Do you want to teach in an environment where:

Everyone is happier.

Where your students say that your classroom is a really fun place to be and they can’t wait to come each day

What if i could help you unlock the secret to

Knowing what you can let go of, so you can focus on what really matters

See things from your students point of view,

Recognise what needs might not have been met and help them to meet them

Be able to leave work at work, and focus on your home Life

Let go of the guilt you have about not finishing things off

How would you like to:

Feel more organised

Be able to implement the things in your classroom that are aligned to your values.

Become more mindful and aware of your emotions and needs, leading you to a calm, happy classroom

Well this truly transformational programme is normally $497 … but I’m giving you 60% off, so you’ll invest only $97 to start today with just one additional payment of $97.

Go ahead click the button and get started today!

The programme includes:

5 Audios - one a session for 5 sessions and handouts to work you through the processes and take meaningful action to create your dream classroom.

...and each session, will have a specific focus for our work together:

During session 1, we’ll focus on Revisiting your School Journey,

how your relationships with your teachers have had an impact on your schooling and now how you teach and run your classroom.

session 2 is all about Mindfulness …

We are so busy doing, we forget to enjoy the now and

i’ll take you through moments in your day that you can become more present.

Mindfulness is the foundation to everything else – it brings such joy to your day.

During session 3, we’ll focus on Self Care and introducing Mindfulness to children

How does taking care of your needs lead to a calmer environment?

How does modelling this lead to your students being able to do the same?

How do you introduce mindfulness to the classroom without adding more to your to do list?

In session 4

We will cover ways in which you can have an inclusive classroom,

You will discover how to have a deep understanding of your students with learning differences and neuro diverse students,

how to support them and help them thrive in a busy classroom.

And finally, in session 5,

We recap over the tips and techniques up until this point and how they will be easily added into your day.

You’ll discover how to turn inward to reduce feelings of anger.

We have such fun introducing play into the classroom and beyond. Leading to a fun and creative classroom environment that you and your students love coming to each day.

You’ll celebrate your transformation into the teacher you so desired to be.

For maximum convenience, you can listen to the sessions at home or at work, on your computer or tablet, or even over your mobile phone. at your own speed.

But that’s not all. Because you’ll also receive handouts each session to backup your learnings.

As a bonus you’ll receive 4 valuable Documents:

Firstly, you’ll receive a downloadable toolkit designed to help you to prevent confrontational moments in the classroom

You’ll receive a tool kit called Breaking the Cycle of Misbehaviour that helps you set clear expectations and boundaries with you students.

You’ll receive a checklist to support you at the beginning of each school year, with a clear outline of what's important to you as a teacher, so that your classroom environment can be aligned with your values all year round.

And finally, you will receive a beautiful daily reminders poster that you can put onto your wall or the board, to remind you of the 4 important connections tools in your day.

The combined value of these 4 incredible bonuses and the “Creating a Conscious Classroom” programme normally sells for $497.

But I want to make this so simple that you can start getting results right now.

Building the habit of mindfulness is vital to your success and your ability to carry out your calling as a teacher, to create the extraordinary classroom that’s there waiting for you.

That’s why you’ll get 60% off, so you’ll invest only $97 to start today, with just one additional payment of $97.

Go ahead click the 'Enrol Now' button and get started today!

Join me on this 5 session program, and you’ll discover:

How to move from reactive to responsive

How to use empathy as a bridge to connection

How to gain a better sense of self awareness

How fun you really are

Why Teaching IS your calling

How to stay calm in the most stressful situations

And much more

This course goes towards the Practising Teacher Criteria too.

I’m sure you don’t want to get to the end of your teaching days and be left wondering what it could have been like if you had just taken the leap and given yourself a chance … if you had of believed in yourself enough to put your all into learning self awareness.

Take acton and say yes today…

Shine YOUR light on our children

Say yes to your calling as the most amazing teacher… even though you may be a little nervous of the unknown

Click the 'Enrol Now' button, and step into my programme - enrol in “Creating a Conscious Classroom”

In the words of ~ Albert Einstein “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

So take action now to create your success as a teacher - You deserve it!

xox Kylie, Your Coach in your teaching Journey

Your Instructor

Kylie Johnston
Kylie Johnston

Kylie Johnston is a Parent + Teacher Coach, living in Rotorua, New Zealand, with her husband Rhys and their three children (two of whom are neuro diverse (One with Aspergers and one with Dyslexia).

She helps parents and teachers all over the world to gain a deep connection with the children in their lives.

Kylie is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. She has a deep understanding of the struggles some parents and teachers face and has a natural ability to truly hear the needs of a child, the parents/teachers and the family'/classroom as a whole. Kylie helps parents and teachers to support children's resilience and their own resilience as a parent/teacher too.

Through her Coaching and online programmes parents + teachers alike gain an understanding of children and how to nurture them to thrive.

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